Saturday, July 2, 2011

We spent an amazing day at the beach with the children of Yvon's orphanage, located near Grace Village, which will become their new "home" upon its' completion. I use the word "home" in its' most sincere form because Yvon & his wife have created a beautiful Family! When I heard we were bringing 37 children (from 2yrs-teens) to the beach, my Paranoid/Protective Mom Instincts kicked in & I immediately began praying to God that we'd bring them all home again!!! The minute we arrived at Yvon's, it became apparent that I didn't Need to panic, as we were greeted by smiling faces saying Bonjour in unison. We could instantly feel the genuine Love & Care they both felt & showed each other. As soon as they were given anything they turned to share & see that the others had something too.My word for the day is...WATER.I believe We All Thirst-quenched Energized & Renewed our Spirits this day!written by: Michelle SchroederJuly 2. 2011

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