Thursday, January 27, 2011

One unbelievably incredible day...

Hi, this is Marie and I have had one unbelievably incredible day. After a long day in the airport and a lay over in a hotel in Miami we have made it. Words cannot explain what I have seen and what I have experienced... I feel blessed to be here and hope God uses me as He feels fit. The children are so beautiful and seem so full of hope. I believe I will be taking away more from them than I will be giving . The weather was quite warm today and I did manage to get a bit of a burn. Not complaining since there is so much snow back there. We worked Father Reiser's water trucks. Wow, what a beautiful experience. I will never take water for granted as long as I live. Tomorrow will bring a whole new experience as we will be going to Reiser Heights, a school in the mountains. It is a two hour drive in the mountains. I am looking forward to the children as I have a heart for teaching. God bless you all until tomorrow. Marie

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