Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Water Truck Day One!

We finally made it to Haiti! We were supposed to arrive yesterday but our flight got cancelled when we were in Miami. They put us up in a hotel and we flew out first thing this morning. We were all a little disappointed that we missed a day but we know that in the end it's God's plan, and not ours. We arrived in Port-au-Prince to a bright hot sun, and boy were we happy to be here. Jean picked us up from the airport and we came to the house and got settled in and before we knew it the toptop was honking outside waiting for us. We went to two different water trunk stops. Since it is my second time in Haiti, I knew what to expect. But for some reason it's still hard to see the poverty here. However, I remembered right away why I love this place. Children smiling and playing, begging for our attention. I was right away reminded that love is the universal language. We can't understand a word each other says, but yet we know we love each other, and that's all that will ever matter. Driving through Cite Soliel, we noticed there was some garbage clean up going on. This made us all really happy to see. One of the water truck workers, Enel, invited us to stop by his home. Can you even imagine living in a one room shack with your whole family? We got to meet two of his sons, who were absolutely adorable. We came home and ate chicken and rice for dinner, which was absolutely delicious.

Margaret Knaeble

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